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AAA Warranty Services. is an American Company incorporated in Michigan in 2015, internationally licensed to provide 'Extended Warranty' for vehicles, very similar to the manufacturer's original warranty. The idea soon hit the automobile market worldwide. Its success was so astounding that its application turned out to be a 'panacea' for a variety of goods such as Electronic Appliances. We have again other Added Value services like Road side Assistance and Replacement Vehicle.

Today, AAA is the world's premier provider of Extended Warranty programs and related benefits. Spread over 7 countries across the globe, we have established an unparalleled legacy just within 16 years, serving the needs and demands of more than one million clientele. The success saga goes on. And our confidence too. Just on two simple things:Our teamwork and our flawless Customer Care.

How we work

Quality is the uncompromising seal both for our products and for services. More so, the after-sales service is timeless, easier and faster. Hence the ever mounting demand for our products and services. With several claim offices and several more branch offices spread across and numerous dedicated claims engineers at your disposal, you can have your issues settled in no time. The claims department in Kuwait is open 5 days a week i.e. Sunday through Thursday from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm and in other countries is open 6 days a week i.e Saturday through Wednesday from 8.00 am till 5.00 pm, Thursday 9.00 am to 1.00 pm and closed on Fridays. The company also owns several other business units in different sectors like Real Estate, Food Industry, Export and more.

AAA has operations all over Middle East & North Africa besides KSA, Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, and Egypt. We foster healthy links with most of the automotive dealers in the region and excellent customer care. AAA's Regional office for Middle East and African operation is based in Dubai.

AAA Middle East Operations are reinsured by a leading Reinsurer rated "AA"

hannover-re-logo Hannover Re's business group has a worldwide network of subsidiaries, branches, and representative and service offices in 18 countries. We respond flexibly and quickly to the needs of our clients providing all standard reinsurance products as well as specially tailored solutions that add value.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

We have built up the AAA edifice on the unbreakable employee-customer relationship. Our mission pinpoints nothing else but to serve their needs and wants without fail.

Our Vision

To provide responsive services in the field of Extended Warranty and Added Value Services for the Automotive & Consumer Electronics Markets, positioning the company as one of the leading players in the domain.


Our Objectives

Years of relentless work has put us where we are today, on the frontline in the industry, amidst neck to neck tight competition. A neatly disciplined team of employees from top to bottom held together on an uncompromising goal ahead: offering the covetable unique quality service to the venerable public. Yes, we work hard and close to induce you to tell us: "we want you". From the idea of Extended Warranty we have moved onto several sections of social living through the services like Roadside Assistance and Replacement Vehicle. Still we are exploring to make life an easy, cozy and exciting experience.

What Our Customers Have to say ?

As a client of AAA Warranty Services, I have had the best dealings. Their service is by far the best and was pleasurable to have the warranty service on my worthy IPhone with you. It just took a matter of days to get the claim process done and I was really happy to receive the finest customer service from you guys. Truly it was amazing.

Derek Thomas US

When I was stuck in the middle of my journey due to a vehicle fault, the road side assistance from AAA service came to the rescue. The quick time response and the timely delivery saved my journey which helped me to attend the meeting on time. To say, I was really grateful to have the service from experienced professionals in the industry. Thanks very much.

Ali Husain Kuwait