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Why it's worth it

There are instances when you might need the extended warranty for the valuable electronics items you purchase
Extended warranties are a good deal for customers. Most of the electronic gadgets fall victim to some sort of accidents like a fall from your pocket or a scratch on the body or a broken display after a fall. These are the usual things that dishearten you a lot, but you get a feeling of comfort if it is known that your products are covered with warranty plans. It will be even worse id the standard or manufacturer warranty is completed. When it comes to the electronic items like the TV, smart phones and computers the extended warranty seems like a sensible option as an extra protection - As It offers more to the benefit of the user.


Getting proper warranty for your electronic devices

Offered since 2002, the quest for this product has been steadily on the rise. This covers part or parts of damage with repair or replacement whichever is deemed fit. We even provide up and down safe carriage. Further, be assured of compensation in case repair turned futile. We mind not Losing but we do insist You Gain. We start our unfailing cover services the moment the manufacturer's warranty wanes.

Why we are best in the industry?

We have the reputation as the best service provider in the Middle East that deal directly with the clients. What made us stand out from the rest is the way we deal with the clients and the services we deliver. We have different sort of coverage plans for each appliance that provide coverage on repair and replacement plans.

Claim services: We are prompt to settle the claims and this separate us from the rest of the service providers. We manage to settle without causing much inconvenience to the customers. Due to this reason we are the sought after warranty providers in the Gulf countries. Now you have the reason to get the extended warranty for your electronic products from us.

Offering great help and support to the customers

Providing right support at right time to the customers makes us successful in this area. Customers would have great expectations about getting the kind of support when they buy warranty policy. With the proper support and help, it is certain that you get the best service from AAA warranty service Inc.

Choose the best deals from the leader of extended warranty services. Contact us now to know more the plans and options.


your valuable electronic devices

Getting electronic extended warranty plan is quite easy and we have the best coverage plans that offer you peace of mind.